Morning training 

It's 8am and my alarm rings, I get my lazy ass up and brush my teeth. Drink my espresso (no not eXpresso) and try to get to the gym by 9am. I walk into the gym and hope things go smoothly—they don't. I already tripped going up the steps. Anyway, I do my warmup routine which consists of like 5 to 10 jumping jacks. 

I sluggishly begin pad work with my coach (because I am still lazy from the previous day). Once I finish hell work—I mean pad work, I clinch, spar or do both. Afterwords I hit the bag a 3-5 rounds, shadowbox and work on specific drills.

Once training is finished I shower (obviously you dirt bag) and go home to eat, then sleep. Can you guess whats up next? More training. Evening session up next.

Evening training

After I wake up I eat about 2 to 3 hours before I train again. Whilst I sip my second (or forth) espresso I am contemplating calling my coach to tell him a comet landed in my room and I won't be able to come in today. 

5pm. It's work time. I begin hitting pads with my coach. Another 3-5 rounds of that, same routine as the morning session. After hitting pads I either clinch, spar or both depending on if I have any partners to work with—because you know, most people don't do this shit for a living. I then stretch and perform ballet routines to really help with my flexibility—that was a joke and you fell for it. Anyway, that's the end of that. 

I shower as fast as I can to get home and eat, why? Because you know, next day is training day.

Weight Training/conditioning

No general weight training (leg day is never skipped). I work with kettlebells to develop explosive power. I do one arm swings, two arm swings and deadlifts. For conditioning, I work with battle ropes, aerodyne bike, interval training on bag or pads. 


All meals are supplied by I eat anything on their menu as long as it contains carbs (pre training) and protein (post training). 4 meals per day are supplied. I'd like to mention that donuts, Nutella and other sweets are on the menu...daily.

TOPIC TIP 1: The exercises listed such as pad, bag, sparring, clinching, kettlebell workouts etc. all have a set duration. They're specific to my style of training and are not available to the public.

TOPIC TIP 2: Since I am consistently training I only need about 2-3 weeks before a fight to get into fight shape. During this time I take one day off unless its the week before the fight, then I train straight through. This is not recommended, the body needs to recovery and you should rest at least 2 days per week.

TOPIC TIP 3: As much as I dislike training I realize that the end goal is what really matters. I want to win and I want to be the best that I can be. Having a quality work ethic is what drives the individual to succeed, you don't have to like the process, what matters is the end goal. Stay disciplined and continue working.